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We believe in self-determination and make insurance distribution simple, digital and personal

Our Team

And that's what our insurance experts and IT specialists do on and off the job

Andri Mengiardi

As CEO, Andri drives the esurance vision forward. He is not interested in big words, he is interested in action and promotes continuous improvement. His plans are supported by broad-based leadership experience and an executive MBA. He is also down-to-earth in his private life: he likes to reach for his toolbox.

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Giles Magnin

Giles, our CPO, combines his insurance knowledge with his expertise from the tech environment as a ZFH business information scientist and licensed insurance broker (VBV). Technology and nature fascinate him, as in combined form when sailing.

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Christian Dünner

As COO, Christian sits at the controls of the customer interface. The business economist is not only a financial analyst (CIIA), but also has an MBA in marketing. A numbers man who understands customers. Speed and agility are his very personal driving forces - so he sprints even in his spare time.

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Armida Wegmann

A psychology graduate with many years of consulting experience, Armida is a CMO dedicated to building and strengthening customer relationships. Armida doesn't let up until customer needs and company goals are aligned. She enjoys spending her free time with her family in nature and finds her inner balance in Tai Chi.

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Alex Klimenko

In the role of CTO, Alex is responsible for IT strategy and software architecture implementation. At the age of 15, Alex had already hacked his internet provider to be able to surf for free. He studied cryptography and social informatics at the University of Kiev and Poltava. In his free time, the bookworm plays several instruments. What a hack!

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Robert Kempf

As a product manager, Robert bridges the gap between IT and business. With a degree in industrial engineering, he knows how to translate customer needs into our products. In his free time, Robert enjoys surfing or working on anything that isn't nailed down as an euphoric hobby craftsman.

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Kelsang Wellauer

As account manager, Kelsang (aka Gesi) is responsible for serving corporate clients. Gesi enjoys taking on new challenges. One she has already mastered is a bachelor's degree in business administration, specializing in risk & insurance. When she's not dancing or holding a squash racket, you'll find Gesi at the poker table. All in!

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Dr. Emanuel Stöckli

As a Product Manager with a PhD in Business Innovation and an MSc in Computer Science, Emanuel takes different perspectives from science, IT and business, playing a key role in the development of the platform. To keep taking different perspectives, Emanuel likes to spend a lot of time reading. A real bibliophile!

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Thomas Brenner

Thomas, Product Manager at esurance, brings together business and IT to build a modern and scaling insurance platform. Since his master studies in computer science at UZH he is used to work in sprints. He also sprints across the field as a winger in amateur soccer.

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Dominique Fetz

Dominique, who holds a degree in insurance, is one of our account managers. Both in customer service and as "DJ FezzYFezz" he shows a lot of tact. Outside the office, he also likes to travel the globe.

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Vanessa Manser

Vanessa is our account manager and reads our customers' every wish from their eyes. She is not only top fit when it comes to customer care, but also likes to keep herself in shape at boot camp and functional training.

Lars Hoop

Lars (B.A. Business Administration with a focus on Marketing) has joined our team as Digital Marketing Manager. The hobby chili grower adds the necessary spice to our marketing mix and can also be found regularly out in the fresh air spraying graffiti - legally of course ;)

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Sasha Konovalov

As a developer, Sasha is also responsible for the implementation of our vision. In addition to his studies, he has taught himself to code, among other things. He spends his free time with his family or doing martial arts. Sasha is our Bruce Lee in the team.

Eugene Siderka

Our backend developer Eugene makes sure that our database and backend services run not only fast, but also flawlessly. With a Master's in Engineering from Kremchuk University, that's no problem either. In his spare time, Eugene loves to play billard.

Yan Kalyazin

Yan is QA Engineer at esurance and ensures that our products have the required quality. Yan is very attentive to detail, which he already proved during his law studies. After work he relaxes with a good book or simply listens to music.

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Hanna Yeromenko

Hanna works for us as a QA Engineer. She is responsible for quality control and identifies errors in our products, among other things. It's not just our products that become works of art thanks to her, because the finance graduate likes to paint with watercolors in her free time. Whenever she has time, she likes to travel the world.

Dmitry Koifman

Our Scrum Master does everything to ensure that the development team can create high-quality products. Dmitry studied applied mathematics at the Kiev Polytechnic University before he dedicated himself to the basics of team organization. Not only his work at esurance is sustainable, but also his hobbies around ecodesign. To releax, he plays a lot of ping pong.

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Max Grebin

As an Automation QA Engineer, Max ensures automated testing to achieve high quality standards. He earned his master's degree in journalism in Lviv at the oldest university in Ukraine. When Max isn't pounding away on his keyboard, he's pounding away on his drums. A passionate drummer of the Ukrainian band Latexfauna.

Vitaliy Tymofeyev

Vitaliy builds the user interface of tomorrow as a frontend developer. He always keeps an eye on the user experience and ensures its consistency. He studied computer science at Kharkiv Technical University. Vitaliy spends his free time coaching soccer for his two sons or experimenting with Machine Learning.

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Andrii Dobrianskyi

As a front-end engineer, Andrii ensures that our technology is wrapped in a chic and practical garment. His broad expertise is based on a Master's degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". In the evening Andrii is always available for a party game.

Yaroslav Sorochynskyi

Our backend development team also includes software architect Yaroslav. He studied economic cybernetics at Poltava National Technical University and is fascinated by programming. He also enjoys solving complex puzzles in his spare time. To relax, Yarloslav enjoys reading a good book or watching a movie.

Myroslav Berlad

Back-end developer Myroslav deals with the complex systems in the background of the esurance webapp. In his free time, he immerses himself in the Summoners Rift, as he is passionate about playing the PC game "League of Legends".

Bohdan Trachuk

Back-end developer Bohdan has to solve complex problems. That's why he spends his free time playing various board games or playing tennis for physical exercise.

Vladyslav Doroshchuk

Backend developer Vladyslav is engaged in programming applications. If you don't find him in front of the computer, he is probably fishing in the wilderness or traveling the world.

Mykhailo Bohdanov

Front-end developer Mykhailo makes sure that the applications work and are in harmony in the foreground. In his free time he seeks harmony between different materials, namely he creates sculptures from different materials such as wood, metal and recyclable materials.

Roman Nikonorov

DevOps Engineer Roman ensures that collaboration between software development and IT operations can be improved at esurance. In his spare time, he is just as goal-oriented, as he can be found on the shooting range.


Core Values

[...] clear.

transparent, exact, plausible, understandable, evident, stringent, tangible.

[...] ahead.

anticipatory, forward-looking, proactive.

[...] connected.

linked, united, connected, associated, cohesive.

[...] approachable.

tangible, available, open, receptive, interested, there.

Who we are

esurance is a Swiss InsurTech company. Our main product is a configurable distribution platform that provides access to digital entry points. Small businesses (SMEs), insurance companies, technology partners and sales organizations are connected. Thus, we enable efficient sales and consulting processes for smart insurance solutions. As a sales platform, esurance cooperates with associations, insurance companies, brokers and business software providers. Founded in 2013, we are a successful scale-up.

For more information about esurance, please visit the FAQ

Our story

The story of esurance began in 2013 in the “garage”, so to speak. Three heads full of ideas wanted to develop a kind of “eBanking” for insurances and sat down to code after work. This resulted in a digital insurance folder for private individuals. The approach was good, but not good enough to solve customers’ real problems.

Year after year, the business model evolved and the product matured. More and more insurance experts and IT specialists joined the team in the Zurich and Kiev offices. At the same time, our figures climbed to considerable heights. We made our way through the Swiss insurance landscape, established contacts, signed contracts and built networks.

From 2018, the focus was increasingly placed on B2B2C. In collaboration with industry associations, specific insurance offers for individual industries such as gastronomy and IT were digitized via the platform. The esurance platform is also in use as a white label solution. The offers are accessible to sales partners, brokers and SMEs.

Thus, esurance went from being an “eBroker” to a configurable distribution platform that provides access to digital entry points. Small businesses (SMEs), insurance companies, technology partners and sales organizations are connected. In this way, we enable efficient sales and consulting processes for smart insurance solutions.

Our credo: smart insurance distribution. We believe in self-determination and make insurance distribution simple, digital and personal. And we are far from finished.

Stay tuned…
Your esurance team